The World according to Nancy

My website is a place where you can find out about me and the things I am interested in. Hopefully there is some useful information here as well as some self indulgent rambling.


I was born and live in the south of England. I went to University in Birmingham and lived for a while in London and Surrey. I'm now back in Wokingham, Berkshire, where I grew up. I live here with my boyfriend Alex and my parents still live close by. I have one sister, Clare, who lives with her husband and two children in Brittany, France.


My main interests at the moment are everything to do with space (astronomy, astrophysics, planetary science, etc.), science fiction, cycling, swmimming, yoga and walking.

I am studying for a degree in physics and astronomy with the Open University. This year I am studying Astrophysics and The Relativistic Universe.

I also like meeting friends for coffee (and cake), going out for dinner (I'm a vegetarian), playing games on facebook, twitter, reading (mostly science fiction/fantasy) and visiting zoos.


This year I have been involved with a number of voluntary projects.
  • UKSEDS Satellite Project: Until August I was the Payload Coordinator for a student project to create a satellite payload that will fly in space. We have been selected as one of payloads on the first UK Cubesat mission. I am also Vice Chair and Project Coordinator on the UKSEDS committee.
  • OUSEDS I have set up an Open University branch of UKSEDS: (UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space).
  • SEBEV: I am a non operational member of SEBEV, the Berkshire Search and Rescue team. At the moment I am helping out with the accounts, setting up gift aid and fundraising.


My degree from Birmingham University is in Economic and Social History and Sociology. After University I trained as a Chartered Accountant and worked mostly in practice for about 14 years. I was a senior manager at Ernst and Young In their London office, where I worked in internal operations as well as audit.

In 2003 I decided to retrain as a counsellor and I left EY in 2005 to focus on the final year of my training course. I completed my Diploma in Gestalt Counselling in 2006 (I also have a diploma in coaching). I had my own private practice for two years before deciding that it was time to move on to other things. During this time I wrote a book on depression The Depression Trap.

I joined a local accountancy firm in 2008, but took voluntary redundancy last year. Since then I have combined contract work with voluntary projects and study for my degree. I am interested in using my existing finance, managerial, project management and organisational skills to work on interesting projects either long or short term. Read My CV.


I am interested in how human beings find a way of dealing with existential issues and loss. How can we be happy knowing that we must grow old and die? What makes one person sail through an experience that takes another to clinical depression? How can we maintain a state of happiness, or at least avoid falling into depression? Although I am no longer practicing as a counsellor I retain an interest in the mind and psychology.


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